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Host a Student

How to Host a Chinese Student
Host Home & Family Requirements
Home Requirements
  1. A private bedroom is preferred*
    • Bed
    • Dresser
    • Closet for hanging clothes
    • Desk
    • Desk chair
    • Adequate lighting to do homework
  2. Adequate bathrooms for the number of people in the house
  3. Wireless internet connection
  4. English must be the primary language spoken in the house
* If the room is large enough a student may share a room as long as it is communicated in advance.
Family Requirements
  1. Family members over the age of 18 (completed and approved BEFORE the student is placed in the home)
    • FBI Level II Background Check
  2. A desire to learn about other cultures
  3. A willingness to welcome a student from another country into your family
  4. A Home visit by a Twinn Palms Coordinator