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St. Joseph's University Program

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This program provides qualifying high school Juniors and Seniors with the opportunity to enroll concurrently in high school and credit bearing St. Joseph’s College courses for a discounted tuition of $180.00 per semester course (tuition is subject to change as per college / university rates). Our partnership with St. Joseph’s College allows qualifying Christ the King faculty members to teach college level curriculum that is approved by St. Joseph’s College for credit.  St. Joseph College Bridge Program credit can be earned in the courses listed below: 


AP U.S. History - American History I (3 credits) for semester one and American History II (3 credits) for semester two. 
  • Open to Juniors with at least an 80% AP World History or 95% Global History/Geography II Honors and Departmental approval


English 12New York Scene in Literature (3 credits) for semester one and The Language of Film (3 credits) for semester two.

  • Open to all seniors with at least an 85% ELA 11H or an 88% ELA 11 and the Maturity and Study Skills Necessary to Succeed in an Introductory College Level Course/Departmental Approval and 85% NYS ELA Regents                                                                                       



Students can earn a total of six(6) college credits for each St. Joseph’s College Bridge Course taken at Christ the King. 


If a student meets the St. Joseph’s College requirement, he/she may register for the fall semester course and pay the fee.  Students who register for the fall semester must register and pay for the spring semester.