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International Students

Christ the King High School is a SEVIS-approved college preparatory school.  We welcome international students to join our family.
An international student candidate has a strong academic record and sufficient English language proficiency to perform well in a challenging college preparatory environment.
At Christ the King, international students are encouraged to participate in all facets of school life and learn about the American culture. International students have the opportunity to develop their English fluency skills, experience a well round and rigorous academic curriculum, engage in clubs, sports and service activities, which all enhance the American experience.

International Support


International students receive support from their guidance counselor as well as the Director of Admissions, who is the International Student Coordinator, as well as student mentors. They have support from the moment they arrive on campus and throughout their time at Christ the King. Regular conference sessions, meetings, and other support are available to all international students.




At Christ the King High School, we offer a college preparatory curriculum, with a variety of AP and honors level courses. You will also  have the  opportunity to take college classes and receive college  credit through our partnership with St. John’s University and St. Joseph’s University.  All international students are required to take tall Christ the King High School and NYS required courses and Regent Exams.

There are two ways an international student can apply to Christ the King:
  1.  If you are not seeking housing and have already secured a place to stay while attending Christ the King High School, you may apply through our portal and let us know you have housing secured.
  2. If you are in need of housing, Christ the King High School has partnered with Three W to provide students from China comprehensive support from general admissions to post-arrival and beyond.  If you are a student from China and are interested in applying to Christ the King High School, please contact Three W International
    You may also contact our Designated Admissions Liaison, at the email address below –
    Ms. Abigail Bethel
    Designated Admissions Liaison
International Student Admission Process

 Step 1: Complete and submit Application Requirements                                                                                     

Visit click “Apply” button, create your account, and complete the application


Required materials to be submitted:

  •       Christ the King application.
  •      School Transcripts for last two years and current year officially translated into English, explanation of grading system - All must be notarized.
  •       Copy of passport.
  •       Essay why you want to attend Christ the King High School

Your application will be considered upon receipt of all required documents


Step 2: Interview with the Director of Admissions and/or Principal via Zoom or Facetime

Once the application is received and all criteria is met, international students will be required to participate in a personal interview.  During the interview, you will be assessed on your English speaking skills.  Christ the King has limited ESL classes.


Step 3: Decision

You will be officially notified via e-mail if you are accepted.


Step 4: Pay the $420 non-refundable registration fee and submit required documents to have your I-20 application prepared and sent to you.                                                                                                                           

Christ the King must verify that you will be able to complete the academic year and fulfill all your financial   obligations (tuition, books, travel, room, board and personal expenses.


Required documents:

  •     Name of sponsor, or who will be responsible for student while in the United States.
  •     Financial documents from parent or sponsor indicating the ability to meet school financial obligations as well as room and board.


Step 5: Obtain F-1 Visa

Make an appointment with your embassy to obtain your F-1 Visa.  Once you have your Visa, you may make travel arrangements for the United States.  Once your arrive in the United States, you must meet with a member of Christ the King’s administration.  Please note:  Christ the King High School does not provide housing.



International Student Tuition 
Tuition for 2024-2025 School Year - $16,000
Fees for the 2024-2025 School Year 
  • Registration Fee - $420
  • Technology, Licensing Fees, Workbooks, Family Participation Fee - $840 
              Total Fees - $1,260 
Total Tuition & Fees for the 2024-2025 School Year - $17,260
For more information, contact Margaret Keta-Tapalaga at [email protected]