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History of School

Christ the King High School was established in 1962 under the direction of Bishop Bryan J. McEntergart. It was built with money received from parishioners during a campaign fund for diocesan high schools.
The school began as two separate divisions under one roof. The Girls Division was taught by the Daughters of Wisdom, under Mother David, D.W., Principal. She was succeeded by Sr. Christopher Mary (Sr. Margaret Arraj). The Marist brothers taught in the Boys’ division, under Brother James Damian, FMS, Principal. Br. Christopher Emile, Br. Peter Michael, Br. Simeon Anthony and Br. Luke Martin Reddington served, respectively, as the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Principals of the Boys Division. The Supervisory Principal for both sections was Reverend Walter Vetro. In 1973, the two divisions became one co-educational institution.
April 28, 1961 Feast of St. Louis Marie de Montfort. The contracts were signed to begin building the school. The Architects were Stickle and Associates.
September, 1962 The shell of the building was finished.
September, 1962 Christ the King’s first freshman class entered school, housed at Mater Christi High School located in Astoria.
May 6, 1963 Classes were held for the first time in the Christ the King building.
October 18, 1963 Hand carved Stations of the Cross, still on display in the chapel, and beautifully painted wooden statues arrived from Italy.
February 3, 1964 The Library opened its doors to faculty and students.
April 26, 1964, Three years after contracts to begin building the school were signed, the dedication ceremony took place.
June 23, 1966 The first Graduation was celebrated. There were 840 graduates: 420 boys and 420 girls. It was a day of great rejoicing!
October 9, 1970 The faculty of the Boys’ Division met with the faculty of the Girls’ Division to discuss the possibility of having a co-educational school. Some co-ed classes already existed.
September, 1971 The Daughters of Wisdom decided to relinquish control of the administration of the Girls’ Division. Mr. Hugh Kirwan accepted the position of Principal of the Girls’ Division of Christ the King.
September, 1973 Christ the King began operating under one administrative body and one faculty. The school became fully co-educational. Mr. Kirwan was appointed Principal of the combined divisions.
September, 1973 The school year did not start on time due to negotiations between the Henry Hald Association representing the Diocese, and the Lay Faculty Association, representing the teachers. School eventually began one week after the scheduled opening date.
September, 1975 No agreement could be reached between the Diocese and the teacher’s union. All bargaining and negotiations stopped.
October 6, 1975 The Bishop informed Mr. Kirwan that Christ the King High School would be closed. The senior class could finish the year at the school. All other students were to be transferred to other Diocesan schools. This plan was not well received by the students, who protested. They refused to vacate the building. The students were soon joined by their parents and faculty, friends, and sympathizers, who gathered in the cafeteria. The Committee to Save Christ the King was formed by future New York State Senator Serphin R. Maltese, a parent, at the urging of New York State Member of Assembly Rosemary Gunning. The school was reopened, and negotiations with the Henry Hald Association and the LFA representatives resumed. For the first time, parents and students were represented at the meetings.
September, 1976 Christ the King Diocesan High School became Christ the King Regional High School, an independent Catholic High School. The Board of Trustees was formed and Serphin R. Maltese was elected Chairman. Mr. Hugh Kirwan was appointed Principal of the newly re-christened high school.
October, 1992 In order to maintain the financial stability of the school, thus ensuring continued success, improving the physical plant, and allowing the school to provide more services to the community by utilizing the unoccupied portions of the school building, the Board of Trustees appointed Michael Michel, Director of Operations.
April, 1993 Christ the King Day Care center opened in the north wing of the building. By 2012, it was providing quality day care for 350 children.
June, 1997 Mr. Kirwan retired after 25 years of dedicated service as Principal.
September, 1997 Mrs. Elizabeth Lawlor became Principal of Christ the King Regional High School. She had served the school as Social Studies Teacher, Sophomore Dean, and Assistant Principal for Student Personnel.
September, 1998 Christ the King Continuing Education was established, providing services ranging from driver’s education classes, tutoring, dance, and dozens of other academic, physical fitness, and life-style enhancing programs.
June 1999 self-evaluation for Middle States Accreditation under the leadership of Mrs. Lawlor.
Spring 2000 Christ the King Regional High School was granted Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools accreditation.
September 2000- Mr. Michael J. Lynch became Principal of Christ the King
June 2006 Regional High School. He served the school in that capacity until his retirement in June of 2006.
September, 2002 Christ the King Regional High School initiated an “enhancement program,” allowing incoming students to strengthen their academic skills so that they could be successfully integrated into the more challenging Christ the King instructional program.
September, 2006 Mr. Peter J. Mannarino assumed the role of Principal of Christ the King Regional High School. Mr. Mannarino, a long-time member of the Board of Trustees, was a public school teacher and Assistant Principal for 33 years prior to his appointment.
Mr. Michael Michel was appointed President of Christ the King Regional High School. In order to allow the Principal to concentrate on the school’s academic program, the President, in addition to undertaking increased school campus management responsibilities, was given the opportunity to continue to explore ways to fully utilize the campus to maximize the benefits to the high school and community.
2010 The Board of Trustees, cognizant of the community’s desire for high quality educational choice, along with the need for additional seats in the neighboring middle schools, reached out to community leaders and formed a committee with the goal of creating a charter school for the community. Michael Michel was appointed Lead Applicant for the committee. The leasing of space to a charter school, was in keeping with the establishment of the Christ the King Campus as a center of educational excellence.
2011 Christ the King was re-accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. This accreditation validated and affirmed the school’s continued commitment to a quality educational program.
2012 Middle Village Preparatory Charter School was approved by the State University of New York. Welcoming its first class in September of 2013, this school, housed in the south wing of the building, will provide an excellent alternative educational opportunity for students, grade 6 – 8, in the neighboring community, and financial support for the high school.
Present The Christ the King Board of Trustees continues its efforts to provide a quality Catholic High School education. In order to do so, the school has utilized the significant amount of space available to secure the necessary resources to fulfill its mission. The creation of the multi-faceted Christ the King educational campus provides for the needs of the community while advancing this mission.
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A firm foundation for Catholic education at Christ the King was laid down by dedicated diocesan clergy and by two great religious congregations – the Marist Brothers and the Daughters of Wisdom. They endured and created a new tomorrow every day.
A large number of Christ the King graduates are now members of the Christ the King faculty and staff at the school.
Christ the King High School is very proud to "Remember its Past, Celebrate its Present, and Believe in its Future.”