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St. John's University College Advantage Program


This program provides qualifying high school juniors and seniors with the opportunity to enroll concurrently in high school and credit bearing St. John’s University courses for a discounted tuition of $325.00 per semester course (tuition is subject to change as per college / university rates). Our partnership with St. John’s University allows qualifying Christ the King faculty members to teach college level curriculum that is approved by St. John’s University for credit. St. John’s University college credit can be earned in the courses listed below: 
  • AP Calculus
  • College Italian
  • College Spanish
Students who qualify must register for the fall course in semester one to be eligible to register in semester two for the spring course. 

Successful completion of the fall/semester one course allows the student to earn 3 college credits and permits the student to register for the spring/semester two course. 

Successful completion of the spring/semester two course allows the student to earn 3 more college credits, for a total of 6(six) credits, for each St. John’s University College Advantage course listed. 

All student registrations are approved by the course teacher and the departmental chairperson. Students requesting enrollment into the college advantage course must be in accordance with the St. John’s University requirements listed below: 




  • 80% overall average (in English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Languages, and Science)
  • combined Math and Critical Reading minimum SAT of 1080 (1080 PSAT) or minimum ACT of 21.
  • Minimum 85% average in the five subjects without standardized test scores.
  • Must meet Christ the King departmental course requirements for the course.
  • Minimum 85% overall average in the five subjects (English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Languages, and Science
  • combined Math and Critical Reading minimum SAT of 1080 (1080 PSAT) or minimum ACT of 21.
  • Minimum 90% average in the five subjects without standardized test scores.
  • Must meet Christ the King departmental course requirements for the course.



All college credits earned through the St. John’s University College Advantage Program are transferable according to the procedures of the admitting college/university.  Students will receive a St. John’s University transcript from the University for all credits earned in the approved courses.   If a student chooses to attend St. John’s University, they will receive additional tuition reductions for taking College Advantage Program courses.

Please click on the link below for further information regarding the St. John's University College Advantage Program.

St. John's University

Division of Special and Opportunity Programs

Institutions Granting St. John's University HSE Credit (alphabetical order)

  1. Albany College Pharmacy & Health Sciences (No credit awarded for Science.)
  2. Averett University, VA (Must receive a grade of "C" or better.)
  3. Baruch College (No credit for "C-"or Lower.)
  4. Barry University, FL (Course must have prefix, course number, and grade of "C" or better. Must be presented on an academic transcript.) 
  5. Bucknell University, PA  (Must be on St. John's academic transcript.  Must receive a grade of "C" or better.)
  6. Baylor University, TX (Minimum grade of "C" Must send official college transcript in order to receive credit)
  7. Burlington County College, NJ (Grade must be a "C" or better.)
  8. Buffalo State College Official College Transcript
  9. Brooklyn College (Must have earned C- or better.)
  10. Canisius College, NY ("C" or better in course.)
  11. Capital Community College, CT (Must be a "C-" or better in credit bearing courses.)
  12. Cazenovia College, NY (Students must earn a minimum grade of "C" in order to receive college credit.)
  13. Clarkson College of Technology "C" or better and University transcript.
  14. Clemson University, SC (Dual degree classes from accredited institutions will be reviewed for transfer credit Required or permitted as an elective in your curriculum Usually "C" or better.)
  15. College of New Rochelle, NY (Accepts 75 transfer credits from an accredited, degree-granting institution.  No credit given for a grade of "D.")
  16. College of William & Mary, VA (If course is similar to course we offer with grade earned no lower than "C")
  17. Concordia College, NY (Minimum grade of "C" or better in college-level coursework taken at a regionally accredited college/university.)
  18. Cumberland County College, NJ (Courses are pre-approved and come in Tech Prep, Dual enrollment, dual credit.)
  19. CUNY - Brooklyn College, NY (Minimum grade "C-" or better.  Official transcript from accredited higher education institution.)
  20. CUNY Hunter College, NY (Grade of "C" or better from an accredited institution. Official college transcript required.)
  21. CUNY - Medgar Evers College, NY (Grade of "C" or better.)
  22. CUNY John Jay College, NY (Must receive a C or higher.)
  23. CUNY York College (Minimum grade is a C.)
  24. Daemen College, Amherst, N (Minimum grade "C")
  25. Denison University, OH (Courses for credit are reviewed by the appropriate department.)
  26. Drake University, IA  (Any course graded "C" or better taken at a regionally accredited agency Accept as transfer credit up to 66 credits from a 2 year school, max 94 credits.
  27. Duke University, NC  ("B-" grade or better. 2 courses maximum.  2 letters needed (college & HS) and course syllabus to send to Duke's dept. (information is online in undergraduate bulletin pg. 46))
  28. D'Youville College, NY (Must have a "C" or better and transcript from the university.)
  29. Dugiese University, Pittsburgh PA (Minimum grade of a C.)
  30. Empire State College (Needs a C or better.)
  31. Essex Community College (Needs a C or better.)
  32. Florida Atlantic University, FL
  33. Florida Institute of Technology, FL  (Subject to review Grade of "C" or better and official transcript required.  Course description and syllabus must be presented for consideration.  Florida Tech to determine whether course content and hours are equivalent to that given at Florida Tech.)
  34. Florida State University, FL (Must receive an official college transcript.)
  35. Green Mountain College, VT (GPA of 2.0 and a grade of "C" or better.)
  36. Hofstra University, NY (We must have a course equivalent; specific courses must be approved by dept. "C-" or better must be earned (in most cases).  Foreign language (college) credits taken while in high school will transfer as electives.)
  37. Indiana State University, IN (Must receive a "C" or better to receive credit.  No limit on number of courses.)
  38. Ithaca College, NY  (Grade of "C-" or better.  Needs to come in on a St. John's University transcript.)
  39. Kean University, NJ (Must have minimum grade of "C" for transfer.  No limit on credits. However, all credits may not be applicable to the major they choose.)
  40. Keene State College, NH (Course completed at accredited institution.  Minimum grade of "C")
  41. Lehigh University, PA (Minimum grade "C")
  42. Le Moyne College, NY (Must be on an accredited college or university transcript with a "C-" or better.)
  43. Manhattanville College, NY (Minimum grade "B-")
  44. Marist College, NY (Grade of "C" or better. Course is similar in scope & content to Marist offerings.  Course fits in Marist program of study.  Course recognized as credit bearing on an official transcript of a regionally accredited college or university.)
  45. Medaille College, NY  (Must receive a grade of at least a "C" and coursework must come in on an official college transcript. Maximum transfer credits 90, with no more than 72 from a 2 year college.)
  46. Molloy College, NY (Minimum grade of "C" required)
  47. Mount Saint Mary College, NY (Must receive a C or better to receive credit.)
  48. Muhlenberg College, PA (Courses must be passed with a grade of "C-" or higher.  Students can transfer up to 17 courses.)
  49. Nassau Community College, NY (Students must receive a grade of "C" or better and the transcript must come directly from the university.) 
  50. New York Institute of Technology, NY (Applicability to degree requirements "C-" grade or better.)
  51. Niagara University, NY (Each course is reviewed by the appropriate dean and courses are placed depending on major.)
  52. Nyack College, Nyack, NY (Minimum grade of "C" with official college transcript)
  53. Ocean County College, NJ
  54. Ohio State University, OH  (Grade of "C-" or higher. Course must appear on a St. John's University transcript.  Course must be above remedial level in content.)
  55. Oral Roberts University, OK (Subject to review by the University.)
  56. Pace University, NY (Courses will be considered with a "C" grade or higher.)
  57. Pennsylvania State University, PA (Official transcript must be sent from the University to Penn State.)
  58. Pratt Institute, NY (Must receive a C or higher.)
  59. Post University, CT (Grade must be "C" or better and must be on a college transcript.)
  60. Quinnipac University, CT (Must submit an official college transcript)
  61. Ramapo College, NJ (Minimum grade of "C.")
  62. Raritan Valley Community College (Limited to 45 transfer or advanced standing credits.)
  63. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY (Minimum grade "C-"  Review and approval of courses is done at the department level.  Courses cannot be used to obtain high school degree — we require signed certification from the high school attesting to that.  It must be above and beyond what is required for H.S. graduation.)
  64. Seton Hall University, NJ (Grade must be at least a "C" and course must be similar to SHU's course offerings.)
  65. Siena College, NY
  66. St. Bonaventure University, NY  (Student must earn a grade of "C" or better.)
  67. St. Francis College, NY (Minimum grade of "C" on St. John's University transcript.)
  68. St. John Fisher College, NY (Grade of "C" or better.)
  69. St. Joseph's College, NY (In most cases, minimum grade is "C-.")
  70. St. Laurence University, NY (Must receive a grade of 2.00 ("C") or better. Must be traditional liberal arts course, not technical. (Some exceptions apply. Credit is granted at discretion of Registrar.))
  71. St. Louis University, MO (Minimum grade of "C")
  72. Peter's College, NJ (Grade of "C" or higher)
  73. Thomas Aquinas College, NY (A grade of "C" or above must be achieved for transfer.  There is no limit on the # of courses accepted.)
  74. Stevens Institute of Technology, NJ (College transcript must be submitted and Grade of "A-" or better.  The course must also be equivalent to a course we offer.Grant credit for AP courses with a test score of 4 or 5.
  75. Suffolk County Community College, NY (Grade must be a C- or better.)
  76. SUNY Binghamton, NY
  77. SUNY Buffalo, NY (Grade "C" or better.)
  78. SUNY Canton, NY (Minimum grade of "C")
  79. SUNY Cobleskill, NY (Minimum grade of "C")
  80. SUNY Geseseo (Courses must appear on College Transcript)
  81. SUNY College at Old Westbury, NY (Grade of "C" or better in Ed., Bus., or Liberal Arts courses.)
  82. SUNY College at Oneonta, NY (Grade of "C" or better.  College transcript must be sent to the Admissions Office.)
  83. SUNY New Paltz, NY (Must have a "C" or better.)
  84. Stony Brook University, NY (Minimum grade of "C")
  85. SUNY College at Oswego, NY (Grade of "C" or better required for credit to apply to college requirements.)
  86. SUNY College at Plattsburgh, NY (Minimum grade of "C.")
  87. SUNY Potsdam
  88. SUNY Empire State College, NY (Must receive a grade of "C" or better. Need an official St. John's Univ. transcript.)
  89. Utica College, Utica, NY (Minimum grade of "C")
  90. The College of St. Rose (Must have a "C" or better.)
  91. The College of NJ (Minimum grade of "C".)
  92. Texas A&M, Texas (Course must meet requirements for transferability, must appear in STJ catalog, most core classes are transferable by title.)
  93. Towson University, MD (Accept D however, in English needs to be a "C" or higher.)
  94. University of Delaware, DE (Grades must be "C" or better and part of the college transcript.
  95. University of Louisville, KY
  96. University of Nebraska, NE
  97. University of Albany, NY
  98. University of Oaklahoma, OK  (Minimum grade of "D" accepted by the University, but applicability towards a degree may require a higher grade.)
  99. University of Rochester, NY (College courses must be taken at the college.)
  100. University of Tennessee, TN ("C" or better.  No limit on # of courses.)
  101. University of Vermont, VT (Transfer of credit is on a course by course review Grade of "C" or higher.)
  102. Union College, NJ (The course must be on the St. John's transcript the same as the courses offered directly through St. John's.
  103. Utica College, NY (Students must have the official transcript.)
  104. Valparaiso University, IN (Course must be listed on St. John's transcript.)
  105. Wellesley College, MA (Yes, but on an individual basis. (Course can't be part of the HS degree, and must be approved by the Univ. dept.))
  106. Wells College, NY ("C-"or better; official college transcript)