CK Hall of Fame

CK Hall of Fame

The Christ the King community is enriched by the extraordinary lives of many individuals who embody service, faith, and excellence. Christ the King High School has, since 1983, recognized and honored alumni, faculty, and friends who have not only brought prestige to the institution but have also set powerful examples for us to follow. Their personal achievements and strong character reflect the core mission of Christ the King and provide enduring inspiration for our students. To view a list of CK Hall of Fame members, in order of induction, click here.


Nomination Process 

Regarding the nomination process and eligibility criteria, there are several important rules and guidelines to remember. Firstly, once nominated, a candidate remains under consideration for a period of five years. It's important to ensure that your nominee is aware of their nomination and is willing to accept the award. All inductees must be able to attend the Induction Ceremony, although nominations can be made posthumously. The final decisions regarding the inductees will be made by the Hall of Fame Committee.


For Alumna/Alumnus Qualifications

Alumni who graduated from Christ the King High School at least ten years prior to nomination are eligible, particularly those who have shown excellence in their professional or personal lives and have actively participated in extra-curricular activities.


For Faculty/Staff Qualifications

Faculty and staff are also considered for nomination, especially those who have demonstrated remarkable qualities in the field of education, made significant contributions to Christ the King, and have a service record at the school of at least ten years.


For Community Member Qualifications

Nominations are also open to community members, particularly those who have made significant contributions either to the community at large or specifically to Christ the King. As we honor these outstanding individuals, we continue to uphold the spirit of excellence, dedication, and service that is the hallmark of the CK community.


If you wish to nominate an a deserving individual, please click here to fill out a nomination form.


Submissions for 2024 induction must be received by December 1, 2024.  Any submissions received after that date will be considered for the following year.