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School Profile

Christ the King High School


Christ the King High School is an independent, co-educational Catholic High School with a 4-year college preparatory curriculum. Located in Middle Village, Queens, Christ the King School draws students from all areas. The school is accredited by The Board of Regents of the State of New York and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. The current enrollment is approximately 600 students. The faculty numbers 35.



Our mission is to create an atmosphere in which all members of the faculty, staff, and student body can attain a high level of achievement based upon recognition of their unique abilities and their relationship with God. Our students are challenged to grow academically, spiritually, socially and physically to meet the demands of a changing world. Through the collaborative efforts of the Christ the King Community, students are enpow-ered to become independent thinkers and moral leaders.



The Guidance Department consists of 2 counselors. Alyssa Abreu (ext.214) and Melanie Lee (ext. 280)



Clubs and Activities including: Art & Craft Club, Band, Broadcasting Club, Chorus, Writing, Drum Corps, Let's Discuss, Marching Band, Makerspace, Musical Theatre, National Honor Society, Robotics Club, Speech & Debate, STEM, Student Council, Tabletop Gaming, Theatre Arts, and Yearbook.



Nationally renowned sports program including: Basketball, Baseball, Bowling, Cheerleading, Football, Handball, Soccer, Step, Track, Volleyball.



Christ the King is proud of its very active spiritual life. Through daily prayer, religious studies and active outreach services, students are constantly encouraged to reflect on their relationship with God.



Honors and Regents level courses are offered in all academic subjects.

Religion-Courses include: Catholic Foundations I & II, He-brew & Christian Scriptures, The Christian Way of Life. Community Service hours are required of all sophomores, juniors and seniors.

English - English 9, American Literature, British Literature.

Seniors may choose from AP English, Humanities

Public Speaking/Creative Writing and World Literature

Mathematics - Common Core: Algebra; Common Core: Geometry; Common Core; Algebra 2; Algebra II; Electives include: Math 12, Statistics, Pre-calculus, and AP Calculus.

Science - Living Environment, Earth Science, Chemistry, Physics. Additional courses are offered in Forensics, Anatomy and Physiology, Environmental Science, AP Biology and Advanced Research.

Social Studies - Global History & Geography I & II, U.S. History and Government, Government and Economics in addition to AP World History, AP US History and AP US Government and Politics. Elective courses include: Psychology

Foreign Language - Four-year sequences are offered in American Sign Language, Italian, Spanish. Up to 6 transferable college credits from St. John’s University can be granted in Italian, and Spanish.

Technology - Christ the King offers advanced technology programs to high school students during the regular school day. Students can enroll in courses ranging from Business Technology, Cyber-security, software and applications, hardware and operating systems, and the AP Computer Science Principles course which includes coding and real world connections. Students may take Microsoft Certification and Comp TIA certification exams.

Arts - Freshmen may choose from Band, Chorus, Dance, Studio in Art, or Theatre Arts. Electives include: Advanced Band, Concert Chorus, Intermediate and Advanced Dance, Ceramics, Drawing and Painting, Theatre Arts and Broadcasting.




ST. JOHN’S UNIVERSITY -Students can earn transferable college credits in the following courses: College Italian, College Spanish


ST. JOSEPH"S COLLEGE - Students can take college level courses in American History and English.


Advance Placement Courses 

AP classes are available in Biology, Calculus, Computer Science Principles, English, US Government and Politics, US History and World History.


Graduation Requirements

English 4 Credits

Social Studies 4 Credits

Mathematics 3 or 4 Credits

Science 3 or 4 Credits

Foreign Language 3 Credits

Religion 2 Credits

Physical Ed 2 Credits

The Arts 1 1 Credit

Health ½ Credit

Electives 4 Credits



Grading System

Christ the King uses a Numerical System of grading. Passing grade for all subjects is 70%. The weighting for Honors courses and AP and College Level Courses are 1.04 and 1.07, respectively.




The Top 5 students in each grade level


Overall average of 95% and above, with no grade below 80%


Overall average of 90%-94.999% with no grade below 80%


Overall average of 85%-89.999% with no grade below 80%

Students must have a satisfactory discipline record to be eligible for the Honor Roll