Tuition and Fees for 2024-2025 School Year
Christ the King Board of Trustees is committed to keeping tuition and fees for your child’s education as low as possible. You are guaranteed that your child's tuition will not increase while at Christ the King. As long as your tuition account is in good standing (payments made on time every month), your tuition is kept at the same amount. CK reserves the right to cancel the agreement and revert to current tuition paid by the new incoming class. CLICK HERE FOR QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS PERTAINING TO OUR NEW TUITION PROGRAM
Christ the King High School will be emailing invoices to your CTK Family email account with a choice to pay option.  If you have not set up your email account, please do so.  Invoices will not be mailed.
Listed below is the cost breakdown and applicable due dates:
Registration Fee*
The fee of $420. is non refundable and must be received by February 16, 2024 to ensure a seat for the next school year.
Family Participation Fee*(FPP)
The fee of $350 is paid in lieu of fundraising throughout the year and is due by March 1, 2024. This includes:
  • Admission to Parents Guild Christmas Party for 2 people
  • Monetary raffle, conducted 4 times a year, by the Parents' Guild.
Workbook Fee & Technology Fee
The fee of $450 covers all workbooks not covered by New York State Funding and the Technology fee which is due by March 1, 2024.
Tuition, for incoming freshmen and transfer students exclusive of aforementioned fees, is $11,450.
*These fees are billed by Facts Management.  An account will be set up once you are registered.
**Does not include a one time fee of $40. for lock and student ID
Tuition Assistance
The Serphin R. Maltese Tuition Assistance Program awards grants to qualifying families of upperclassmen (sophomores, juniors, and seniors) who have been at Christ the King for at least one year. The portal for next year will open November, 2024.
Payment in Full:
Full payment of tuition may be made by June 1, 2024, less a discount of $500. This discount is given only if payment is received by the school by June 1, 2024 AND only if prior year balances and current year fees are paid.  This only applies to accounts that do not receive scholarships/awards.
Monthly Payments:
Ten (10) monthly payments beginning June 1, 2024 and ending March 1, 2025. There is no interest added. However, late charges will incur if paid after due date. Automatic deduction from your account is available from FACTS Management with your authorization.
Facts Management is our tuition collection company. No tuition payments are accepted at Christ the King High School. Incoming parents are given the application upon registration. It is to be filled out and returned to Christ the King. Tuition and all other fees will be billed directly by Facts.  All invoices will be e-mailed.
Timely payment of your tuition and fees is essential to providing a quality education to our students. Failure to meet all financial obligations will result in the following :
  • Students will not be permitted to attend classes.
  • Students will not be permitted to participate in school activities, including class trips, clubs and extracurricular activities.
  • Students will not be permitted to attend and participate in graduation activities.
  • Students will not receive report cards.
  • Student transcripts cannot be released.
  • Students and parents will not have access to Home Logic.
  • Your tuition will revert to the current tuition paid by the new incoming class.
No student will be registered for the new term until all financial obligations to the School are paid.
  • Registration fee is non-refundable.
  • Workbook and Family Participation fees are not refundable once classes begin.
  • If you withdraw your child during a semester in progress, you will be responsible for the full semester payment as well as the full amount of any stipend received.  This includes voluntarily withdrawing students and/or students who are expelled or asked to leave.
  • A discount of $500.00 is given off tuition for each additional child.
Please Note: Each student has a separate account.