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Four years of English are required for all students.  Departmental offerings include a Regents program and enriched courses for students of exceptional ability in English Language Arts (ELA) who satisfy the entrance criteria.   


Six college credits are offered through St. Joseph’s University in courses – The New York Scene in Literature and The Language of Film.  Three college credits are offered through the College Board course - AP English Literature and Composition, upon the successful completion of the (AP) Advanced Placement exam.

Course Offerings:

  • 110 English Language Arts 9
  • 111 English Language Arts 9 Honors
  • 120 English Language Arts 10
  • 121 English Language Arts 10 Honors
  • 130 English Language Arts 11
  • 131 English Language Arts 11 Honors
  • 142 English Composition & World Literature
  • 144 English 12 College Courses - The NY Scene in Literature AND The Language of Film
  • 145 English AP English Literature and Composition