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Dress Code

The school will make all final judgments in terms of the appropriateness of student's attire and appearance.  Personal appearance is a matter of concern to both parents and the school authorities.  Good habits in regard to a person's mode of attire, hygiene and grooming develop self-respect and good taste in an individual.  The Dress Code Regulations must be adhered to by all students.  All clothing must be neat and clean.  Students must be in complete dress code upon entering school and exiting the school.
SHIRTS:  The shirt must be tucked in completely.  Shirt colors are based on grade level, each level having its own respective color and must be worn by all students in that grade.  
SKIRTS:  Skirts must be worn at a modest length.  Skirts may NOT be altered to make them shorter.  Stockings, tights or socks reflecting an appropriate style must be worn at all times by ladies wearing skirts.  
SHOES:  All students must wear uniform shoes.
SWEATSHIRTS:  Only CK sweatshirts (without hoods) are permitted to be worn.  No hooded sweatshirts may be worn over the school shirt during the day.
PANTS:  Pants must be worn at the waist with a belt.  The hem or bottom of the pants legs must extend no further than the top of the shoe.  No oversized pants are permitted.  Pants are fitted by the vendor and may NOT be altered to make them tighter or "form fitting."
Hair must be neat and well groomed.  Sculptured hair designs are not acceptable.
Hair dyed an unnatural color is permitted.
Facial hair is not permitted.
Male students' hair must be above the shirt collar and must be closely cropped.
Male students may not have a ponytail.
No facial piercings are permitted.
Earrings are permitted to be worn by female students only.  They may not measure more than 1 1/2 inch in size.
HATS:  No hats, caps or other head coverings may be worn in school.