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The Social Studies Department endeavors to develop the student’s understanding and appreciation of the past and encourage them to be aware of and to seek viable solutions to present-day national and global issues. Thus, they will be better prepared to shape the future of our country and the world.  


Six college credits are offered through St. Joseph’s University in AP United States History for American History I and II. An additional three college credits are earned upon successful completion of the Advanced Placement exam.  


Three college credits are also offered in the College Board courses listed below, upon the successful completion of the (AP) Advanced Placement exam:


AP United States Government and Politics 

AP World History Modern

Course Offerings:
  • 210 Global History & Geography I
  • 220 Global History & Geography II
  • 221 Global History & Geography II Honors
  • 225 Advanced Placement World History
  • 230 United States History & Government
  • 231 United States History & Government Honors
  • 235 Advanced Placement U.S. History - Grade 11 College Courses - American History I & II
  • 240 Government & Economics
  • 241 Government & Economics Honors
  • 244 Psychology
  • 245 Advanced Placement US Government & Politics
  • 248 America Through Media