COVID Attendance Policy

If your child is not able to attend school either virtually or in person, a parent/guardian must notify the school of the absence and submit an absence note.  To report your child absent, please call the attendance secretary at 718-366-7400.  
Please use the correct extension when prompted:
Freshman ext. 388
Sophomore ext. 389
Junior ext 390
Senior ext 391
An absent note must be submitted.  The absent note must state the reason for absence and the duration of the absence.   
We are accepting absence notes electronically.  Additional medical documentation, such as doctor's note, can also be attached.    
Please see the link on the Christ the King website: 
Click on the tab marked Absence Form
If your child is an in-person learner and will not be in school for their scheduled day but is able to join the class virtually, you must call the number and submit an absence note explaining why they are not in school but able to join virtually.    Your child is considered absent from school but will not miss the class.   The teachers will be notified that your child is virtual for the day (or longer if need be).